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Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

11. A Cross-Cultural Perspective on God's Personhood

Forthcoming. Published in Religious Studies. Download. Link. 


In this paper, I examine the topic of God’s personhood as it is found within both Eastern and Western thought.

10. Reincarnation and Universal Salvation


Co-authored with Alex Gallagher.

Forthcoming. Published in Faith and Philosophy. Download. Link. 

In this paper, we illustrate how the doctrine of reincarnation can support universal salvation.

9. Caste and Devotion: A Casteless Framework for (Some) Forms of Hindu Devotionalism

Forthcoming. Published in Journal of Religious Ethics. Download. Link.

In this paper, I argue that, from a scriptural perspective, the caste system is not essential to uphold for certain Hindu devotional traditions. Although these traditions do describe various benefits of such a system, I argue that these benefits can be realized in a system that does away with caste. 

8. The Alchemy of Suffering in the Laboratory of the World: Vedāntic Hindu Engagements with the Affliction of Animals


Co-authored with Ankur Barua.

Forthcoming. Published in Religious Studies. Download. Link.

In this paper, we put forth a Hindu theodicy (response to the problem of evil) that draws on various Vedāntic concepts and attempts to reconcile the widespread existence of animal suffering with the existence of an omni-God. 

7. The Bhāgavata Purāṇa and the Problem of Evil

Forthcoming. Published in Philosophy East and West. Download.

In this paper, I highlight how the Bhāgavatapurāṇa, a central Hindu text, has various insights that can be drawn on in order to address the problem of evil. Particular attention is paid to the evidential problem of evil. 

6. Is a Guru as Good as God? A Vedāntic Perspective


2022. Journal of Dharma Studies. Download. Link.

In this paper, I examine the epistemic authority of a guru within the Hindu tradition known as Vedānta. I also highlight some of the social implications of this epistemic authority. 

5. Are There De Jure Objections to Mādhvic Belief?

2022. Published in Religious Studies. DownloadLink.

In this paper, I analyze the epistemological framework of the Hindu theologian Madhva. I show that this framework has various resources through which it can resist one type of objection to the rationality of theistic belief.  

4. Constructing a Hindu Black Theology 


2022. Published in Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies. Download. Link

In this paper, I construct a Hindu black theology that illustrates how various Hindu concepts can be drawn upon in order to combat racial discrimination toward black individuals. 

3. Exploring and Applying a Socially Progressive Hermeneutical Lens in Hindu Thought


2021. Published in Religions. Download. Link

In this paper, I draw attention to a hermeneutical (interpretative) lens that can be used to interpret Hindu scriptural texts in a socially progressive manner. In particular, I highlight how this lens can be used to uplift women. 

2. An Intra-Hindu Comparative Analysis of Caitanya Vaiṣṇavism’s Eco-Theological Motifs


2021. Published in Journal of Dharma Studies. Download. Link

In this paper, I survey various Hindu eco-theological motifs. I then turn my attention to the eco-theological motifs of the Caitanya Vaiṣṇava tradition and highlight various pros and cons of these motifs. 

1. “Re-envisioning a Caitanya Vaiṣṇava ‘Perfect Being Theology’ and Demonstrating Its Theodical Implications”


2020. Published in Journal of Hindu-Christian StudiesDownload. Link

In this paper, I argue that the Caitanya Vaiṣṇava's theological framework can be best described as a "perfect being theology." Drawing on this point, I formulate a principle that can guide comparative religious dialogues between Hindus and Christians. 

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